It’s tough to tell which passion, golf or design, tugs at Yashi Okita more. The truth is, he approaches both with the same qualities.

On the course, he overcomes nature’s complexity with a keen eye, clean swing and a burst of energy. The same is true of his alter passion: clean energetic designs to illustrate complex subjects.

A native of Tokyo, Yashi is a graduate of Art University in Tokyo and Art University in San Francisco. After arriving in the United States, he spent many years at advertising agencies as an art director and creative director. Directing other designers in developing his own concepts though, was like asking a caddy to make your putt.

To get back to hands on work, he founded Yashi Okita Design in San Francisco in 1982. Led by his vision and talented hand, he and his team of writers, illustrators and designers serve high-tech, consumer, medical and financial services around the world. His work is frequently featured in the graphic arts industry’s most prestigious annuals, including:

  • 2014
    Package Design”noAH 9,”
    First Electronic Book
    The book features 50 top designers in the world.
  • 2010
    Package Design”noAH 8,”
    essay by Yashi Okita featured in the introduction. The book features 100 top designers in the world.
  • 2006
    Package Design”noAH 7,”
    essay by Yashi Okita featured in the introduction. The book features 100 top designers in the world.
  • 2002
    “Hot California Graphic Design”
    featuring 30 of California’s top designers.
  • 1996, 1998 and 2000
    “West Coast Graphic Design,”
    featuring 30 of California’s top designers.
  • 1995
    “noAH 6,” depicting the work of the world’s 100 best package designers: only five from the United States.
  • 1995
    “San Francisco Graphic Design,” featuring 30 designers in SF.
  • 1992
    “Visual Identity in San Francisco,” 12 of the Bay Area’s best.
  • 1988
    “East Meets West,” 25 West Coast designers and 25 from Japan.

In 30 years, Yashi is modestly proud of a portfolio that shines with award winning designs from leading industry publications and professional organizations, including How Magazine, Print Magazine, PAP, Creativity, Print Industry, the Murphy’s Award and AAF.

Now, if he could only hit that hole in one soon…